Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kate Bush - The Hounds of Love

So this one took some time to sink in. Its pretty accessible, but the sound wasn't something I'm used to or particularly fond of regularly. This came out in 1985, and believe me, the synths sound like it. Luckily fantastic songwriting saves it, as there are plenty of gems here. Its experimental and emotive all at once, and is carried by Kate's fantastic and unique vocal style.

The diversity here is what makes this several cuts above the 80's pop that springs to mind when you first listen. The first bit is excellent pop songwriting that is fairly easy to wrap your head around. But as the album progresses, you get more and more twisted and things get pretty daring.

While not the greatest track, Waking the Witch is pretty damn metal for a female pop album. That statement alone should tell you this woman wasn't making pop by the book.


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